NFT API Infrastructure for the new Asset Economy
Onecdot presents NFT As A Service.
Start building your first NFT enabled application today!
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“NaaS is a unified platform for all the NFT use cases that gives developers and community the power to build their own NFT application, providing inclusion and security.”
Web3 should be for real people.
Built keeping Web2 users in mind
Onecdot NaaS provides dead simple easy to use API suite. We have delibrately made it so. Try using it one of your applications and see what we are talking about.
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We use fiat (of course crypto too)
It is easy once you start. Using crypto can be daunting. Therefore Onecdot provides easy to use third party Payment integrations for your applications.
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Built for  Developers.
We have cohesive integrations with several wallets with Onec
wallets coming up soon!
Different levels of security integrations.
Browser or 3rd party wallets
Support for top priority wallets that are used normally in the Web 3.0 world. Trust us, we’ll make the experience super seamless for your users.
Onec Wallet
Most recommended. Complete in app solution and mini portfolio. Connecting all the Onecdot applications. Keep the keys completely on your side.
Online wallets
Recommended for most efficient and fast services. The online wallet facility is provided for the most seamless experience for your customers.
A technology first approach to NFT Ecosystem.
Highest level of abstraction
NaaS is built keeping the highest level of abstractions for developers and consumers in mind.
Built right for your customers
Built to complement Web 2.0 audience, Onecdot providing API integrations and other services to maintain the UX.
Boost your application development
Start developing your application in 3 simple steps. Just as you would have done with Web development.
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